Teacher’s Day: Manushi Chhillar recalls the teacher who ingrained love for stage in her

Mumbai:  When it comes to imbibing self-discipline, Manushi Chhillar remembers her junior school dance teacher.

The beauty queen-turned actress opened up on the subject on the occasion of Teacher’s Day on Saturday, and recalled one of her “most special” teachers in school.

“One of my most special teachers from school was Ms Bose. She used to teach us Indian dance and music in junior school. I moved to Delhi when I was seven and in second class, and it was she who ingrained the love for the stage in me. From a very young age she would take me in her programs,” Manushi said.

Manushi, who is all set to step into Bollywood with the Akshay Kumar-starrer “Prithviraj”, recalled that even though her teacher was strict, she loved her dearly.

“She was among the strictest teachers I had but I loved her dearly because through her strictness I learnt about performance discipline, and I understood that when you enjoy performing and like the stage, there is a lot of practice and self-discipline to go with it,” she said.

Remembering the special bond she shared with her teacher, Manushi said: “As I grew older and left for senior school, I remember I used to meet her once a year during our annual day and she would come with her squad of girls from the junior school to senior school. I would always touch her feet (till date whenever I get a chance to meet her I do so), but she would never let me finish my namaskar and would hug me.”

“I share a special bond with Ms Bose and she is one of one of my most special teachers. I remember that when we were finishing class XII, we had our candle light ceremony and everyone was quite emotional. The only teacher I kept thinking about was her because she had seen me grow and always encouraged and pushed me to give my best. I hugged her and I think both of us ended up crying and both of us knew we would miss working with each other,” Manushi recalled, adding that she met her teacher again when she won the Miss India title.