Team ‘Sonchiriya’ shot fire with real rifles, guns

Published: Jan 16, 2019, 10:16 am IST

(UNI) The recently released trailer of ‘Sonchiriya’ has been generating immense buzz for the raw and rustic looks set in the rooted villages of central India.

Playing a dacoit meant that the actors had to undergo grueling preparations through real old vintage rifles and guns.

As the story of ‘Sonchiriya’ is set in the 1970s showcasing a small town ruled and dominated by dacoits rifles and guns used are a very prominent feature in the movie.

Since it is set in the Chambal district the characters have Bundelkhand dialect and to prep and get the fluency the cast was insisted to converse in that language on set, even during the breaks.

In order to perfect the dialect, the cast left no stones unturned to ace the accent and mannerisms of the post-independence period in central India.