Tribal artisans making masks for livelihood

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New Delhi: Amid the ongoing lockdown, Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs has decided to extend helping hand to tribal artisans and self help groups in making masks, which are essential in the fight against Covid-19.

The ministry is working with the tribal artisans for providing marketing support to masks and their other handloom products.

Now some of the artisans have already started making masks at their homes. Some of them are supplying to local authorities also.

Supply of masks by these tribal artisans will help establish a model for creating livelihood as well as well as safety to people, the Ministry said.

The Ministry is further exploring the possibilities of identifying additional suppliers who can contribute in the present hour of crisis by supplying masks.

The current crisis situation due to Covid-19 has posed an unprecedented threat across the country. It is therefore necessary to undertake measures by way of making available basic safety cover like home made masks for covering the face, the Ministry said.