Twitterati have fun as #ChairChallenge goes viral on TikTok

Published: Dec 2, 2019, 5:38 pm IST
Twitterati have fun as #ChairChallenge goes viral on TikTok

New Delhi, Dec 2: A chair challenge went viral on social media videp app TikTok, in which it was claimed that only women could lift a chair in a certain position while men could not.

The crazy ‘chair challenge’ involved standing three feet away from a wall, bending over with one’s head against the wall. The challenge was to then try and stand up upright while holding a chair. Twitterati posted pictures of themselves while taking up the challenge and also posted some amusing comments.

One user wrote: “I tried that A#ChairChallenge at the weekend. You know only women can do? Anyway I did it with fucking ease and now I’m worried I have ovaries”. Another post read: “How is this a “new thing”? We did this in elementary school PE and Iam 46. @#ChairChallenge”.

One user remarked: “I tried the TikTok chair challenge and apparently I can’t lift up a damn chair.” One user posted a picture of himself easily lifting the chair in the given position and wrote: “Before it goes viral here, just wanna prove it a load of bullcrap!”

A woman posted a picture of her husband and a laughter emoji and commented: “My husband can do it.”