Viral video shows youth taunted prized Jallikattu bull to death in TN

Chennai: A video on social media has brought to light an act of utmost cruelty meted out to a prized Jallikattu bull that died on June 6. The bull is seen tied to a tree, being taunted by a unidentified person resulting in its death.

The man was seen provoking the bull by throwing mud at it. The heartless act was reported from in Krishnagiri district in Tamil Nadu. Everytime it is taunted, the infuriated beast tied to the tree would attempt to charge at its provocator only to hit the tree repeatedly.

The man was also seen pulling the bulls horn standing behind the tree thereby further provoking the animal.

At one point, the animal broke its horn by hitting the tree. The animal that used to participate in the bull race lost its orientation at one point and fell down.

According to reports, the bull owner Vetrivel performed the final rites thinking that the animal died after getting injured by hitting the tree.

However, the bull’s cruel end came to light recently when the video was circulated in the social media.

Police in Krishnagiri told IANS that the owner has not lodged a complaint after the video got circulated in the social media.