Virtual tour to Odisha state tribal museum weaving in the Bonda community

Bhubaneswar: ST & SC Development Department of Odisha has taken up a virtual tour to Odisha State Tribal Museum on every Sunday. This Sunday i.e. on 2nd January the visitors can visit the weaving in the Bonda community by opening the Facebook and Twitter pages @stscdev, @scstrti, said Director SCSTRTI Prof. A. B. Ota.

Bonda women are known for their extraordinary attire and shaven heads. A short multi-coloured skirt called Ringa is the only garment of the Bonda women and is traditionally woven using kerang fibre. The Bonda loin loom is a simple device made up of many wooden parts.

Earlier, Bonda women collected keranga branches from the forest, process them into fibre and dye them with organic dyes. Today, coloured threads are used to prepare this traditional garment. Weaving Ringa takes two to three days but the simple loin cloth worn by the men can be woven in a day.