‘Want a monster under my bed’ Maneka reaches to remove chiildren’s fear for creatures

For those children convinced there is a monster lurking under the bed, union minister Maneka Gandhi has the perfect answer is: ”you’re so lucky. I want one too.” Seeking to reach out to children petrified of the dark, ghouls, lizards and things that go bump in the night,   Maneka   Gandhi has written a book ”There’s a Monster Under my Bed! and Other Terrible Terrors’” to help them shed their overwhelming fears of these creatures.
Her friendly advice to those still scared of monsters was ”to make them your pets. Give them a name like
Iggly Piggly. If you put a sign ”Please don’t come in” they won’t enter. Monsters, she said, were very polite.
”Ghosts didn’t have the energy to do something horrible. You have to battle with your imagination. So if you are convinced there are ghosts, then make friends with them,” she told the little ones on
how to overcome their paralysing fears.