Want to celebrate white Christmas?

Want to celebrate white Christmas?

New Delhi, Dec 21: White Christmas has arrived and it has arrived so beautifully! Christmas is forever a grand affair to celebrate the welcoming of a new year. Several parts of the world are already covered in the blanket of soft white snow adding to winter fun. There are myriad places around the world where travellers can visit and experience snowfall and enjoy white Christmas. Shoes on Loose lists down six fantastic places:

Landour – It is an astounding place to enjoy a white Christmas and have the best of the winter vacation experience. The snow-covered meadows and snow-capped mountains are everything one would expect out of a winter destination in India. One can ski in the blinding snow of and the place is believed to be the best place for a winter getaway. Landour is a dreamy place above Mussoorie which has all the charms of the hills minus the crowds.

Gulmarg – What is a better way to spend White Christmas than staying in a wooden cottage amidst the snowfield of Gulmarg? One of the most sedating winter destinations in India, Gulmarg is the enchanting beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. Snow-covered meadows for as far as the eyes can see, Gulmarg is one of the best picture-perfect destinations for a snowy winter vacation.

Rovaniemi, Finland – What was once a snowy, arctic region known for spectacular summers have recently exploded among travelers around the world who are looking for the perfect place to celebrate Christmas in Finland. Besides, being a winter wonderland, what makes Christmas in Rovaniemi, such a popular destination is being the home of the big man himself. Santa Claus has his home in Rovaniemi, Finland which is open to visitors for Christmas that makes it a perfect family vacation.

Prague, Czech Republic – Prague is like stepping into a time-warp with multiple functions. The chances for snow in Prague on Christmas is high, which results in a beautiful wintry scene of gothic architecture and beautiful medieval streets. Christmas markets complete the attractive scene, and the chill can be easily beaten with a hot sausage or some Czech version of mulled wine.

Zurich – There’s just something magical about strolling through a Christmas market, and in Zurich, there are about 10 of these markets to choose from. Each beautifully decorated to emanate a wonderful festive feel. Load up on gifts and confectioneries with mouth-watering raclette or fondue, and sip on mulled wine. The largest one is at Sechselautenplatz in front of the Opera House with 100 market stalls and an ice rink, while the oldest and most romantic market is located in the picturesque old town of Altstadt makes it a perfect getaway for white Christmas.

London – If you’re looking for a guaranteed white Christmas, head to London. The temperature falls below zero in most cases in December and it often snows. Also, tourists really enjoy the Christmas spirit and there are many Christmas markets all over the city, where you can shop for traditional Christmas presents and taste various dishes and sweets like Kurtoskalacs and Beigli. The city is beautifully lit up and you can hear Christmas songs everywhere. Winter sports enthusiasts can also ice-skate in these markets. It is a beautiful time of the year in London to enjoy a white Christmas.