Xiaomi files patent for twisting camera smartphone

Beijing: Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has filed a patent for a smartphone with twisting camera system that acts both as the primary and selfie shooter.

The patent for a twisting camera module has been filed with the China National Intellectual Property Administrations.

As per the patent images, the smartphone would comprises of two parts.

This includes the bottom half is the larger portion, while the smaller half houses the camera module.

The latter portion that has the camera module can be twisted, bringing the rear camera module to the front to act as a selfie shooter, reports GizmoChina.

The twisting mechanism occurs horizontally, meaning it rotates on its own axis and is joined by a hinge mechanism at the bottom.

Additionally, the company also patented a foldable smartphone with five pop-up camera setup.

According to the patent, this foldable phone has an outward-folding screen and depending on how a user holds it, the five cameras can either be rear cameras or front-facing cameras.

The sketches of the device suggest that it will have very thin bezels and no display notch.