Atmanirbhar Krishi APP Launched

New Delhi, There is a wealth of information carefully curated by various departments of the government, which can be very relevant to the farmersbut on different platforms and not in a manner comprehensible to them.A component of KisanMitr, a national digital platform that caters to farmers, focuses on filling this gap by combining data from various government ministries/departments like Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), National Water Informatics Centre (NWIC), and others and making it available to the farmers through the Atmanirbhar Krishi app.

“The Government of India has seamlessly worked to have a robust system to support local manufacturing, market and supply chain, and empower farmers and migrant workers, two sections that were disproportionately affected during the pandemic. With the Atmanirbhar Krishi app of the KisanMitr initiative, farmers will have in their hands, evidence-based information generated by our research organizations like IMD, ISRO, ICAR, and CGWA.

This information, when used by the farmers to make decisions on cropping patterns, mechanization of small farmers’ holdings or stubble burning, will ensure that decisions are made factoring in the importance of sustainability of water and environment, and judicious use of resources. An app available on a basic phone with information in a language comprehensible to farmers will also enhance inclusivity during the decision-making process,” Prof. K. VijayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India said during the launch of the app.

The Atmanirbhar Krishi app was created to equip farmers with actionable agricultural insights and early weather alerts. Data related to soil type, soil health, moisture, weather, and water tablewere aggregated and analysed to generate personalized insights related to crop selection, fertilizers requirements, and water needs for each farmer at the farm-holding level.