CSIR-IIP signs an agreement for Improved Jaggery Making Plant

New Delhi: An agreement was signed between CSIR-IIP and Shri Anuj Kumar of Village Nirawali, Mawana, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh – 250 401, on the CSIR-IIP Technology “Improved Jaggery Making Plant – Gur Bhatti on 6th July, 2022

Agriculture and agro-based cottage industries are the lifeline of the rural economy, however, the modernization of rural industries through scientific intervention is the biggest challenge to rural growth. CSIR-IIP’s Improved Jaggery Making Plant “Gur Bhatti” is a step towards reviving the agro-based cottage industry of rural India. The technology can not only improve the productivity of ‘Gur” making but also reduce emissions. The technology has offered new employment opportunities to rural masses and additional income to existing plant owners who implement this technology.

Advantages of this technology are: – 20% reduction in fuel consumption, 15% increase in daily Gur production capacity, Significant reduction in smoke and emissions, Easy charging of fuel into furnace, Increased Life of Gur making Plant