IFIM Business School to launch the new MBA 4.0 due to COVID-19

Published: Jul 31, 2020, 11:09 pm IST

New Delhi, Amid COVID-19, IFIM Business School, among India’s leading Business Schools, recently launched India’s first MBA 4.0 program. All the graduates in law, fashion, Design, Arts, Social Sciences, engineers with a passion for design, arts, performing arts, and professionals like CAs, and company secretaries are eligible to be a part of this MBA. IFIM Business School is located in the Silicon city of India, Bengaluru.

About MBA 4.0 and the curriculum

The two year MBA 4.0 program will tentatively start from September 23, 2020. The course curriculum focuses on the process of ‘discovery’, ‘encouraging’, ‘exploration’ and ‘experimentation’. The course will offer enough exposure in the field of design, law, business, and Data-Science.

It is the first two-year-long MBA which is designed keeping a liberal aspect to it. The framework of this MBA is progressive and will aim at providing some new specializations with a wide choice of elective subjects. IFIM also has good faculty and is accredited to AACSB.

This program is specially introduced to help the professionals become a transformative leader, especially when the entire global economy will revamp post-COVID-19. The course will not only help the learners become an expert in a particular area, instead help them become a complete person who is ready to take on the world.

With this new MBA you can define your impact in the new world, full of uncertainty. The entire curriculum, pedagogy, world-class faculty, global academic partners and twin campus facilities will help the learners to become a true leader in tomorrow’s business.

The program is expected to start on September 23, 2020. The program came into existence based on the survey “Future of Jobs”, done by the World Economic Forum and the IFIM-NHRD’s survey.

The future professionals would be T-shaped, including a combination of a liberal mindset covering a full breadth of knowledge across disciplines, and in-depth knowledge in a specialized area. The program aimed at training professionals in the fast-evolving workplace.

The research further disclosed that the growing demand for re-skilling at various levels, the emergence of a multi-generation workforce, wellness becoming an essential element of self-management and problem-solving as the vital skills needed for Industry 4.0. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the curriculum of this MBA, focuses on improving the journey of ‘discovery’ – encouraging ‘exploration’ and ‘experimentation’. This program offers a wide-angle view by offering enough exposure in different fields of Design, Law, Business and Data-Science.