India gets highest ever FDI of 83.57 billion dollars in the last financial year

New Delhi: India has emerged as a preferred investment destination which is evident from the fact that India has recorded highest ever annual Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflow of 83.57 billion US dollars in the last fiscal year.

In comparison to FDI inflow received in the financial year 2014-15, when country had attracted FDI inflow of 45.15 billion US dollars, FDI inflow registered growth of 85 percent in the last financial year. India has received over 301 billion US dollars in the last four fiscal years.

As per the data of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, country’s FDI inflows have increased 20-fold since financial year 2003-04, when the inflows were 4.3 billion US dollar only. India is also emerging as a preferred country for foreign investments in the manufacturing sector. FDI inflow in manufacturing sector has increased by 76 percent to 21.34 billion US dollar in last fiscal as compared to fiscal year 2020-21 when this sector received 12.09 billion US dollar worth of investment.

Computer software and hardware has emerged as the top recipient sector of FDI inflow with 25 per cent share followed by Services Sector and Automobile Industry. Karnataka is the top recipient state with 38 per cent share of the total FDI inflow reported during the fiscal year 2021-22 followed by Maharashtra and Delhi.

Commerce and Industry Ministry said, liberal and transparent policy for FDI and several other measures have resulted in record FDI inflow.