Jio 5G Exhibition in Bhubaneswar

Jio 5G Exhibition

Jio 5G Exhibition: Along with commencement of True 5G service in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, Jio has created a special live 5G experience zone at the two days exhibition on digital communications which has drawn large number of students, youngsters as well as professionals from various fields.

Jio has showcased live demonstration of immersive benefits of 5G in the field of healthcare, through Jio community clinic medical kit, education, cloud gaming, smart office, smart city and the revolutionary AR-VR device, Jio Glass. These benefits will bring transformational changes to the lives of people in Odisha.

Brief details of some of the use cases live demonstration:

Jio True5G Speed Test: Jio demonstrated the high bandwidth and low latency of True 5G with live speed test at the experience centre resulting average 5G speed above 1.5 Gbps.

Healthcare – Clinic in a Bag: Jio True 5G enabled Community Clinics will bring quality healthcare specialists to geographies with limited healthcare facilities using the ‘Clinic in a Bag’ platform Paramedics or Asha workers can carry connected probes such as Sthethoscope, ECG machine, Glucose monitors, ENT probes etc. to patients in far flung locations and this feedback can be relayed real time to a specialised doctor at any location through Jio True 5G. Also, there is a clinic management platform which encapsulates all the vitals, EMRs, patient appointments & other details, all necessary for efficient functioning of any healthcare clinic.

This is a great stride towards achieving better healthcare services for people irrespective of the location and across the population.

Cloud Gaming: With Ultra low latency and high bandwidth of Jio True 5G, gamers will now have OTT like service on JioCloud Gaming where in they will be able to access high quality games from anywhere without the need for expensive hardware or separate purchase of costly game titles.

Smart Office: With connectivity powered by Jio True 5G and Jio AirFiber offices are set to become smarter with easy and wireless plug and play solutions such as – Jio AirFiber, Cloud PC, Video Telephony and Digital Signage.

Smart Metering & Smart Lighting: Jio True 5G will help in real data processing, shift to edge cloud, and enable multiple streaming across devices. In addition, 5G will enable quicker deployment of CCTV over traditional cabling with no limitation on installation.

Jio Glass AR-VR Device: Jio Glass enables users to experience the future of learning with India’s first mixed reality Jio Glass, powered by Jio True 5G.

Using augmented reality, schools can now have a ‘3D Reality Lab’ in which all students can wear a Jio Glass to visualise topics from their syllabus. An accessible option is to also have a teacher being the only one wearing Jio Glass, interacting with 3D content, which is then cast over 2D screens and shared with schools over 2D via internet on Jio True 5G. Many students and professionals today experienced this, wearing JioGlass AR-VR device at the Jio experience zone.

Jio Glass enhances student attention and learning retention rates by more than 30%. Teachers can monitor students’ learning journey with behavioural analytics, control 3D content and gamify the learning journey by just a few clicks on the tablet. Students can interact with 3D content and explore concepts at their own pace, which helps them learn better and retain longer.

Only Jio’s Standalone True5G network, with its high bandwidth and low latency, can deliver high-quality, interactive, 3D learning content to every school and every student in India.