Modi’s Election Campaign: Says expiry date of INDI Alliance is 4th June

Modi's Election Campaign

Modi’s Election Campaign: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, rallying support for BJP and NDA ahead of the upcoming elections. Addressing the gathering, PM Modi emphasized the significant contributions of Maharashtra in development, cooperative movements, and the legacy of Balasaheb Vikhe Patil and acknowledged his role in the progress of the state.

The Prime Minister then highlighted the ongoing voting for the third phase of the elections, stating that the overwhelming support received by the BJP-NDA indicates the imminent end of the Congress-led coalition government. He asserted, “The expiry date of the INDI alliance government is set for June 4. After June 4, no one will be found to hoist the flag of the INDI alliance anymore.”

“This election is happening between satisfaction (Santushtikaran) and appeasement (Tushtikaran). The entire effort of BJP-NDA is to satisfy the people with their hard work. While those of INDI alliance are engaged in appeasing their vote bank through their conspiracies. Congress has made its entire manifesto bearing the imprint of Muslim League,” he added.

PM Modi drew a sharp contrast between the agendas of the BJP-NDA and the Congress-INDI alliance. He characterized the BJP-NDA’s focus as development, poverty alleviation, national security, and the honor of the country while criticizing the Congress for appeasing its vote bank through empty promises.

Highlighting the BJP-NDA’s achievements in poverty alleviation and farmer welfare, PM Modi listed initiatives such as providing pucca houses, Jan Dhan accounts, and free grain for 80 crore needy people.

“Today, the Congress and INDI alliance have themselves exposed their dangerous conspiracy. Right now, it belongs to SC/ST/OBC, the poor of the general category.

PM Modi condemned the Congress-INDI alliance’s dangerous agenda, particularly regarding reservations. He criticized their proposal to grant reservations solely to Muslims, jeopardizing the rights of SC/ST/OBC communities. He warned against their attempt to change the Constitution to serve their special interests.

“Now INDI alliance says that they will snatch away this entire reservation from SC/ST/OBC and give it to Muslims. They want to give away the entire reservation that Baba Saheb Ambedkar stopped. These Congress and INDI alliance people want to do this. The Constitution opposes reservation based on religion. Now they want to change this Constitution. So that they can make their special vote bank happy,” said PM Modi.

Regarding the recent statements made by Congress leaders about the Mumbai terrorist attacks of 26/11, PM Modi termed them as dangerous and insulting to the victims and security forces. He questioned the credibility of Congress and its allies to lead Maharashtra.

The Prime Minister said, “No trick of the INDI alliance is working in front of the people. They are even crossing the limits of hopelessness. The situation is indicating desperation. The ‘A team’ here is losing, so the ‘B team’ of Congress is becoming active across the border. To boost the morale of the Congress, tweets are being made from across the border. In return, the Congress party is giving clean chits to terrorists.”

Highlighting the infrastructural development and national security in the last 10 years achieved under the NDA government, PM Modi said, “Modi has ensured security and development for the last 10 years. The problems left by the Congress legacy have been solved by us. Congress pushed farmers into crisis in Maharashtra. The drought crisis worsened. Congress remained busy with its loot. We have addressed the concerns of farmers by completing pending projects for years. The work on the Nilwande Dam started in 1970.”

Highlighting the developmental projects in Maharashtra, PM Modi mentioned the construction of the Ahilyanagar-Solapur highway, outer ring road, and new expressways. He emphasized the focus on infrastructure development, railways, airports, and the Mumbai-Shirdi Vande Bharat train, which will enhance tourism and employment opportunities in the region.

PM Modi urged the people of Maharashtra to vote wisely on May 13, emphasizing the importance of supporting BJP candidates. He assured that their votes would strengthen the BJP-NDA’s agenda of development and progress.