National Rozgar Mela: PM addresses 

National Rozgar Mela

National Rozgar Mela: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the National Rozgar Mela via video conferencing today and distributed about 70,000 appointment letters to newly inducted recruits in various Government departments and organizations. The selected recruits from across the country will be joining the Government in various Departments including the Department of Financial Services, Department of Posts, Department of School Education, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Defence, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Department of Atomic Energy, Ministry of Railways, Department of Audit and Accounts, Department of Atomic Energy and Ministry of Home Affairs, among others. 43 places across the country were connected with the Mela during the Prime Minister’s address.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister remarked that the National Rozgar Mela has become the new identity of the present government as recruitment letters are handed out to more than 70,000 individuals today. He expressed happiness that the BJP and NDA ruled states are also organizing similar Rozgar Melas on a regular basis. Noting that the Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal has only begun, Shri Modi said that this is a very significant moment for those who are joining government service as they have the opportunity to contribute towards making India a developed country in the next 25 years. “Along with the present, you must give everything for the future of the country”, the Prime Minister said. Shri Modi congratulated the newly inducted recruits and their family members on the occasion.

The Prime Minister talked about the emerging opportunities for employment and self-employment in the economy. He mentioned measures like Mudra Scheme, Startup India, Stand Up India. He said now these youngsters are becoming job creators. The Prime Minister said that the campaign to provide government jobs to the youth is unprecedented. Institutions like SSC, UPSC, and RRB are providing more jobs with new systems. These institutions are focussing on making the recruitment process simple, transparent and easy. They have reduced the time cycle of recruitment from 1-2 years to a few months, he said.

“The entire world is eager to partner with India in its growth journey today”, the Prime Minister remarked as he highlighted the trust of the world in India and its economy. The Prime Minister highlighted that India is taking its economy to new heights as he pointed out the challenges of today including the economic recession, the global pandemic and the disruption in the supply chain due to the ongoing war. The Prime Minister gave examples of various multinationals making their way into India for manufacturing and the country’s growing foreign exchange reserve. Shri Modi explained that foreign investments made in the country give rise to production, expansion and setup of new industries, and boost exports, thereby giving a boost to employment opportunities at a very fast pace.

Highlighting the policies of the present government that have created lakhs of employment opportunities in the private sector, the Prime Minister gave the example of the automobile sector which has contributed more than 6.5 percent to the GDP of the country. He mentioned that the growth of the automotive industry in India can be witnessed by the growing export of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and three and two-wheelers to various countries. He informed that the automotive industry which was worth 5 lakh crores ten years ago, stands at more than 12 lakh crores today. “The expansion of electric mobility is also taking place in India. The PLI scheme is also helping the automotive industry”, Shri Modi added as he underlined that such sectors are creating numerous employment opportunities for lakhs of youth in India.

The Prime Minister emphasized that compared to a decade ago, India is a more stable, safe and strong country. He recalled the time when scam and misuse of the public was the hallmark of governance in earlier times. “Today, India is known for its political stability which means a lot in today’s world. Today, Government India is recognized as a decisive government. Today, the government is known for its progressive economic and social decisions”, he said. Global agencies are acknowledging the work in ease of living, infrastructure building and ease of doing business.

He reiterated that India has made huge investments in its physical and social infrastructure. Talking about the social infrastructure, the Prime Minister gave an example of ensuring the availability of safe drinking water through the Jal Jeevan Mission. He informed that about four lakh crore rupees have been spent on Jal Jeevan Mission. From its inception when, on average, 15 out of 100 rural habitats had piped water, now the number has risen to 62 out of every 100 households. And the work is going on at a rapid pace. There are 130 districts with full coverage of piped water for every household. This is resulting in saving time and freedom from many waterborne diseases. Studies have shown that clean water has prevented about 4 lakh diarrhea-related deaths and financial savings of 8 lakh crore rupees of people which were spent in managing water and treatment of diseases. He asked the candidate to understand the multiplier effect of the government schemes.

Shri Modi talked about the ills of dynasty politics and nepotism in the recruitment process. The Prime Minister highlighted the issue of ‘cash for jobs scam’ that has been unearthed in one of the states and warned the youth about such a system. Throwing light on the details that have emerged, he stated how a rate card was prepared for every job posting similar to that of a menu card in a restaurant. He also highlighted the ‘land for jobs scam’ where the then railway minister of the country had acquired the land in exchange for a job and remarked that the case is being investigated by CBI and pending in courts.

The Prime Minister warned the youth of such political parties that engage in dynastic politics and loot the youth of the nation in the name of jobs. “On one hand we have political parties that present a rate card for jobs, on the other hand, it is the present government that is safeguarding the future of the youth. Now the country will decide whether the future of the youth will be governed by the rate card or by the safeguard”, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister stated that other political parties are trying to divide the people in the name of language, whereas the government is making language a strong medium of employment. He said that emphasis on recruitment examinations in the mother tongue is benefiting the youth.

The Prime Minister underlined that the government systems and the way government employees work are changing rapidly in today’s fast-moving India. He recalled the time when common citizens of the country used to visit government offices whereas today, the government is reaching the homes of the citizens by taking its services to the doorstep. He noted that work is being done to understand the expectations of the public and the needs of the region where government offices and departments are working while being sensitive towards the public. Shri Modi gave the example of digital services through mobile apps which have made it easy to avail government facilities, and the Public Grievance System which is being strengthened continuously.

Concluding the address, the Prime Minister stated that the recruits must work with full sensitivity towards the citizens of the country. “You have to take these reforms further. And with all this, you will always maintain your learning instinct”, Shri Modi said. He also touched upon the online portal iGoT which recently crossed the 1 million mark in user base and urged them to take full advantage of the courses available on the online portal. “In the journey of the next 25 years of Amrit Kaal, let us together move forward towards realizing the vision of a developed India”, the Prime Minister concluded.