Power demand hits all time high on 7th July

New Delhi, The country witnessed highest ever demand for power at 12:01 hours on 7th July 2021. This demand of 200570 MW was 17.6 % higher than in July 2020 (on 2nd at 22 :21 hours). This was brought out in the system operations highlights for July 2021, put out by the Power System Operation Corporation Ltd (POSOCO).

The report also states that average energy consumption per day recorded in Jul’21 (4049MU) was 10.6% higher than in Jul’20 (3662MU). The “Maximum All India Energy Met ” also showed an all-time high . It was recorded at 4508 MU on 7th July 2021 which was 14.7% higher than 3931 MU on 28th July 2020.

Renewable Energy sector has also seen impressive gains. Average Solar Generation recorded in Jul’21 (158MU/day) was 7.6% higher than in Jul’20 (147MU/day). Average Wind Generation recorded in Jul’21 (349MU/day) was 64.5% higher than in Jul’20 (212MU/day). Additionally, solar and wind generation recorded an all-time high of 43.1 GW on 27th July 2021. Earlier, the record was 41.1 GW on 11th Jun’21.

Reserve Regulated Ancillary Service (RRAS) – Energy dispatched under Regulation Up & Down were 113.8MU & 334.8MU respectively in Jul’21. Automatic Generation Control (AGC) –Total regulation Up & Down signal dispatched under AGC were 46.1 MU & 105.2 MU respectively in Jul’21. All India Grid Frequency – All day grid frequency remained 74.9% (average) of time within IEGC band (49.9Hz-50.05Hz) in Jul’21, which is slightly higher than the average duration in previous month (74.5%).