Skilled-in-Odisha: SDTE Dept organigs an exhibition


Skilled-in-Odisha: On the occasion of 76thIndependence Day, the Skill Development & Technical Education Department is organising a unique event, “Skilled-in-Odisha: Exhibition-cum-Sale,” at Kharavel Bhawan in Bhubaneswar. The event, scheduled to take place from August 7th to 11th, 2023, aims to highlight the remarkable skills and creativity of ITI students through the display of a wide range of handcrafted products, waste-to-wealth theme and specially celebrating 76thIndependence Day.

The exhibition features an array of exquisite items, including decorative pieces, wooden handcrafted products, personal accessories, bakery items, and various other innovative creations crafted by the talented ITI students. The event seeks to promote the concept of utilizing waste materials to create valuable products, reflecting not only the students’ creativity but also their commitment to sustainability.

On the second day of the exhibition Hon’ble Minister of Skill Development & Technical Education, Shri PritiranjanGharai had his august presence. While interacting with the ITI students, He mentioned that Skilled In Odisha has become a global brand. With admiration for the innovative concept of the exhibition, he expressed a strong determination to elevate these outlets to the level of a distinguished brand called “Skilled In Odisha.” This visionary initiative aims to expand its, providing students with recognition and abundant income generation prospects. The goal is to empower and uplift the skilled artisans of Odisha, showcasing their talents on a broader platform while Skilled In Odisha

The primary objectives of the “Skilled-in-Odisha” program are to raise awareness about the brand among the public and to provide ITI trainees with a platform to showcase their talents and express themselves artistically. The event brings together four government ITIs – ITI Berhampur, ITI Bhubaneswar, ITI Cuttack, and TTI Takatpur Mayurbhanj. Their participation underscores the commitment of Odisha’s skill development sector to nurturing and showcasing local talent.

The exhibition will continue until August 11th, 2023, providing an opportunity for government staff and the public to explore the exceptional craftsmanship and innovative products on display. The “Skilled-in-Odisha: Exhibition-cum-Sale” promises to be a celebration of skill, creativity, and sustainability, further establishing Odisha as a hub for artistic and vocational excellence.