Adah Sharma promotes musical talent of a commoner

Mumbai: Actress Adah Sharma is using her social media presence to help out a musician who has been struggling to make a living on the empty streets during lockdown.

Adah, who has almost 5 million followers on Instagram, posted a video on the video-sharing platform that captures a melodious tune played by a flute player.

“Meet Basuriwaale bhaiya! Contact him to purchase a flute and learn. (Mumbai). He has been playing through lockdown. Walking through empty streets. With all his audience sitting at home, but he still played with full feel. I thought he deserved to be heard by the millions on my social media,” she captioned the video.

She has also up her social media platform to promote other talented people.

“If you have a skill and want to showcase it you can come Collab with me and use my Instagram ! #AdahSharmaXAamAadmi #AdahFindsTalent #AdahXOthersTalents,” she wrote.

“You will be inflicted with me playing the flute in videos soon,” she concluded.