Actress Rakhi Sawant says, there is a conspiracy to kill me

Actress Rakhi Sawant

Actress Rakhi Sawant: Drama queen Rakhi Sawant never misses a chance to remain in the headlines. These days he is in the news a lot regarding his personal life. There is a dispute going on between the actress and her husband Aadil Khan Durrani for the past several months and both are accusing each other every day. Now Rakhi has reached Bengaluru where she made allegations against Adil. He has also revealed about his biopic.

Rakhi Sawant had made many allegations against Adil in the past months due to which he went to jail. Some time ago, Adir came out and made many allegations against Rakhi. Rakhi has also retaliated against him. Rakhi told in a video that there is a conspiracy to kill her. However, people are trolling him by commenting on this video. People are calling her a drama queen