Aye Mere Humsafar: Will Ved save Komal Kali ?

Mumbai,  Komal Kali makes all the goons move out of the house and Raghu appreciates her acting skills when she pushes him and tries to flee. She runs and hides at Surajmukhi’s house where the goons follow and find her and take her to Lali Rani. On the other hand, Ved finds the pen drive where Komal Kali had recorded herself revealing the truth.

Ved takes the pen drive to Pratibha Devi and is surprised to know that she knew the truth all along. At the same time, shocked Surajmukhi runs to the Kothari house and explains Ved what all had happened to Komal Kali. Meanwhile, Lali Rani is burning a girl on fire in front of Komal Kali. Komal Kali yells in anger and tells her that Ved will come to save her.

Will Ved actually come to save Komal Kali after knowing the truth?

Will Lali Rani let Komal Kali go?

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