Deepshikha Nagpal says it was her dream to be a singer

Mumbai, Actress Deepshikha Nagpal has become a household name given the years she has spent in the industry. She is known for her acting and as well as for her creative skills as a director. But not many people know that she has yet another artistic side. Did you know, she is an established singer as well? On World Music Day, Deepshikha Nagpal shares that since she was young she wanted to become a singer. She cannot do without her music. It lifts her spirits and boosts her energy.

Sharing more about her hidden passion, Deepshikha says, “I was always passionate about singing and since I was young I wanted to become a singer. During my college days, I sang songs at college festivals. But as they say, destiny has its own plans and I became an actress. A few years back, I felt that something was missing in my life and realized that it was singing.

I was in a place in my life where I had gotten a chance to invest in my passion. So I decided to go for it. Also, it was during that time my divorce had happened so I called my music director and told him ‘dil tutta hai, usse istemal karlo.’ I sang my first song within half an hour and that song went viral which gave me strength to do another song.”

She also adds, “Music is very important in my life. I cannot function without it. I love all forms of music be it retro, Sufi, Ghazal, English and Hindi. Without music my life is dead. It gives me immense happiness.”

It’s true that music motivates us and has become our companion during hard times. Happy music day to all!

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