If you can’t reuse it, refuse it”, says Monika Chauhan on World Environment Day

Mumbai, We live in a generation where we have more plants in our living rooms than in the outside world. There’s an increasing need to plant more trees, rewild our gardens, avoid plastic and single use items and become more responsible citizen. As the world celebrates ‘World Environment Day’ Actor Monika Chauhan who plays Shalu in Dangal TV’s Ranju Ki Betiyaan, is a firm believer in ensuring we live a sustainable life and shares about her contribution to keeping the environment clean. Hailing from Shimla, Monika has always been close to nature and tries to do her bit to protect it.

Monika Chauhan says, “One thing that I have learned during this lockdown is not to take our environment for granted. As I belong from Shimla, I have always lived between nature. Nature is something that completes me and fills me with positivity. As a responsible citizen, I have taken a few measures, of switching off the light when I’m not in the room, trying to use water as much as needed. I am one of those persons who loves keeping everything clean. I also have a lot of plants in my balcony, they keep me happy and fresh all the time. I believe that if you are close to nature, you feel energetic and calm. It takes away stress. Which is why I make sure to stay connected to nature every day.”

Sharing her love for nature, Monika says, “When we are shooting outdoors or in the garden, if I see dirt around, I have a habit to go and clean it. If I see plastic bottle lying around, I quickly go and dispose of them in the bin. I also have a habit of keeping my eye on my friends, family to make sure they are disposing of waste correctly.”

This is how Monika does her bit to keep the environment clean, can we as responsible citizens do too?

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