Ishita Ganguly to have a working birthday on Friday

Ishita Ganguly to have a working birthday on Friday

Mumbai: Actress Ishita Ganguly will have a working birthday on Friday.

She will celebrate her special day on July 24, on the set of her show “RadhaKrishn”, adding she sure hopes that she gets to work on her birthdays every year.

“I am really glad that I’m working. It’s a blessing for me. This birthday is really special for me since I got to play Draupadi on screen. It’s like a birthday gift to me. For the past six years of my career, I had working birthdays. I have a working birthday this year too,” she said.

“I always pray to God that I get to work on my birthday. This year is different and I won’t be able to do much on my birthday because of the social distancing. But my mom is with me and I am really looking forward to all the appreciation and blessings from my fans,” she added.

The show is back with its second season that revolves around the unique relationship between Krishn and Arjun. The team of the Star Bharat show is currently preparing for an upcoming track that revolves around Draupadi, essayed by Ishita.

Recently on Instagram, she gave a glimpse of her look in red ethnic wear, which her fans found “beautiful” and “terrific”.