Meditation helped me get through the pandemic – Monika Chauhan

Mumbai, Due to the negativity of the pandemic, everyone has found their own way of finding happiness and staying positive. This could range from spending their time with their near and dear ones to spending quality me-time with books and music. Monika Chauhan, who is currently seen in Dangal TV’s Ranju Ki Betiyaan, found her source of positivity in meditation and spirituality. While it was always a very important part of her routine, it helped her a lot during work amidst the pandemic.

While most of us could stay at home, the actors had to continue to put a happy mask on and work. Talking about the challenges she faced and how she dealt with it, Monika says, “As I follow Buddhism, I read and meditate a lot. Spiritual learning and reading makes me calm during hectic shoots. And mediation is something which has uplifted my spirits and transported me into another place in my mind.

The shoots have been an intense emotional rollercoaster for me, from being low, to making me laugh and happy. I feel this learning has made me more open to options and suggestions and a free mind. I feel more positive and at the same time more thoughtful towards those around me.

I thoroughly enjoy my time with meditation and reading books. Amidst the negativity of the pandemic, this has helped me to keep growing. I have found my peace and perfect place between these. I try not to miss meditation as it\’s a daily ritual for me. This low to high energy lifting up is a great buildup for me. I feel learning is a constant process, it teaches you a new phase of life daily. This is something I take back when I shoot daily and it makes me a better person everyday.”

Meditation indeed helps you go through the challenges life puts in front of you.

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