Ranju Ki Betiyaan- Guddu Ji goes missing

Mumbai,  When Vishesh and Shalu reach home, Pandit Ji informs Vishesh that only he can enter the house and Shalu has to stay outside. Hearing this, Vishesh becomes tensed as he cannot leave Shalu alone. He tells everyone that he will stay outside with Shalu and they both will enter the house together.

On the other hand, Ranju is crying and misses her daughter. Seeing her upset, everyone tries to comfort her. Meanwhile, at Lalita Niwas, everyone is tensed as Guddu Ji did not come back home. Lalita asks Lucky and Vicky to go and look for him at Ranju’s house. However, Guddu Ji was in the garden thinking why did things go wrong in the past and how bad he had treated Ranju. He thinks about how Ranju saved him from drinking alcohol and how his daughters respect him. He feels terrible thinking about how his sons are taking over the business. He feels very lonely on how he is unable to handle his family.

Later on, Vishesh with Laal Mama’s help builds a tent outside their house. He helps Vishesh and makes sure that Shalu feels comfortable. At Ranju’s house, Lucky and Vicky ask about Guddu Ji. Everyone is shocked to know that he is missing. Hearing this Bulbul goes in search of him.