A dream tailored into a reality, first ever Eco-village in Nayagarh that showcase elegance and sublimity

Published: Nov 3, 2019, 1:25 pm IST

Samikhsya Bureau

There we are. When panic calls rant the air with the furor of a climate change, a wildlife division of the state takes the lead in transforming a non-descript village in  Nayagarh district into a human habitat that integrates human activities into a natural world.

An unique fusion of nature’s splendor and human needs, thus offering a place that defines symbiosis supportive of man-nature survival. Which is called an Eco-village, the first ever in the state, Muduligadia.

And we are focusing on the village in  Nayagarh district within the Badmul area in Satkosia wildlife sanctuary. It has taken a lot of efforts by the wildlife division to bloom this soothing domain amid a festering sore almost.

Coming within the Mahanadi wildlife division the village is comprised of 35 households where fresh air reigns and the meticulously designed landscape harbours no toxicity in whatever form.

Lovely pastures spread as far the eyes can see and, among the people who live here, the urge to make it more beautiful and healthy has turned the area into a natural element. No dirt strewn around and no sight of plastic offers to makes it a reservoir of freshness.

A bird’s eye view of this village called Muduligadia can leave anyone awestruck by the sight. Row of houses capped by brick-red roofs, open spaces jostling with the nature where small steppes unfold themselves occasionally , and all that combine to showcase a mindboggling blend of man and nature intimacy.

Cushioned in a patch of greenery, Muduligadia proudly precedes an expanse that meanders all the way to a background where the blue sky merges with the green hills to present an ethereal wonder. A fabulous haunt of a paradisiacal reality.

Behind the magic that the village creates ‘ there is a tremendous amount of hard work put by the villagers who really helped to tailor this dream into a reality ’ the Divisional Forest Officer of Mahanadi division, Anshu Pragyan Das said.

This must go ahead as a cursor for all and ‘ a community bonding towards a togetherness to be followed ‘ quipped Das.