Dr. Harsh Vardhan inaugurates new research building ‘Desikan Bhawan’

New Delhi, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, Dr. Harsh Vardhan inaugurated the new research building ‘Desikan Bhawan’ equipped with new COVID-19 diagnostic facility at ICMR-NJIL&OMD, Agra in the presence of Director General ICMR & Secretary, Department of Health Research, Prof. Balram Bhargava.

The building is dedicated for research facilities like animal experimentation, COVID-19 diagnosis, whole genome sequencing of different Mycohacteriu: species and phytochemical extraction from medicinal plants for anti-TB drug development. The capacity of COVID-19 Diagnostic Laboratory is around 1200 samples per day. This COVID diagnostic lab is loaded with Biosafety level II (BSL I) cabinets, automated RNA extractors, and Real Time PCR machines with which the diagnostic results ean be reported within a day.