IFFI: Maithili feature-film ‘Lotus Blooms’ story of a mother 

IFFI Goa: Speaking about the inspiration behind his Maithili feature-film ‘Lotus Blooms’, Director Pratik Sharma said that the thought was to portray the emotional journey of a person’s life with nature and people as witness.

But he wanted to convey this message in an entertaining manner. Screenplay writer Asmita Sharma explained the central theme of ‘Lotus Blooms’ as what the universe plans for someone is always delivered, sometimes in an unexpected manner, though man’s plans may fail sometime. “Sometimes life’s journey becomes difficult, but when you surrender yourself to nature and the almighty, the problems get sorted in miraculous ways”, she added. The cast and crew of Lotus Blooms had addressed a press conference as a part of IFFI “Table Talks” organised by PIB.

Veteran actor Akhilendra Chhatrapati Mishra said, “I have chosen to work in this project as it employs ‘Language of Cinema’ to express the message”. Explaining the theme, he commented that it shows that “Life is also like a lotus, which blooms with sunrise and withers with sunset”.

The veteran actor also worked in this film because it promotes Maithili language. He commented that the essence of India is mostly reflected in regional films, though not many films are made in regional languages. More films should be made and showcased in regional languages, he added. In reply to a query, he explained that cinema is an extension of life. “It is called ‘larger than life’ because it encapsulates culture, language and spiritual vision”. The Navarasas form the language of cinema, he added.

Team Lotus Blooms at the red carpet in 53rd IFFI

Adding to what Akhilendra Chhatrapati Mishra said, Director Pratik Sharma said, “Cinema is not about commercialism, it is about emotions that connect with audience”. Pratik Sharma is known to make socially relevant films. “I try to give back something to the society through my films”, he said.

Director Pratik Sharma, Producer and Screenplay Writer Asmita Sharma, Actor Akhilendra Chhatrapati Mishra and Master Ath Sharma along with cast and crew of feature film ‘Lotus Blooms’ felicitated at IFFI on Nov 23, 2022.

Actor Akhilendra Chhatrapati Mishra and Director Pratik Sharma at a press conference

Maithili feature-film ‘Lotus Blooms’ was screened under Indian Panorama section of 53rd International Film Festival of India (IFFI). This film portrays the story of a mother and child’s bond by using semiotics at large to convey the message. The film has very few dialogues. It has been shot in the interior parts of Bihar.

The film is about faith in the fundamental goodness of Mother Nature and humanity. The lotus of the conscience blooms only when it is connected with Mother Nature and with one’s inner nature, the soul. The protagonist (Saraswati) is a symbol of mother nature filled with love, has indomitable power to accept, is full of the spirit of giving and therefore, even the insensitive and indulgent acts of society cannot destroy the tenderness and simplicity she has.