Allocation of Funds for Modernization of Police

New Delhi, Modernization of police forces is a continuous and ongoing process. ‘Police’ and ‘Public Order’ are State subjects under the seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India. However, the Government of India supplements the efforts of the State Governments towards equipping and modernizing of their police forces, under the centrally sponsored scheme of ‘Assistance to States for Modernisation of Police’ [erstwhile scheme of Modernisation of Police Forces (MPF)]. Under this scheme, State Governments are provided central assistance for modernisation of State police forces.

Under this scheme, the States have been provided central assistance for acquisition of advanced weaponry such as INSAS Rifles & AK series rifles; all types of intelligence equipment including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Night Vision Devices (NVDs), CCTV Surveillance system & body worn camera systems; modern communication equipment and state-of-the-art equipment for security  training, forensics  ‘cybercrime’ traffic policing. Further, ‘construction’ and ‘purchase of operational vehicles’ are permitted in the insurgency affected north-eastern States and Left Wing Extremism (LWE) affected districts. The State Governments are free to include proposals in accordance with their strategic priorities and requirements.

Significant technical developments have taken place in the State Police Forces though they are at different levels of modernization as per their requirements and resources. The major technological developments reported are that of Police forces shifting from analog to digital technology in communication, upgradation of forensic lab equipments and more lethal weaponry. Body worn cameras and UAVs’ drones are being increasingly used by the Police Forces. In the field of investigation, various new technologies are being adopted such as Automatic Finger Print Identification System (AFIS), 3D Crime Scene Scanner etc.

During last two years, certain States like Uttarakhand, Punjab, Kerala, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram have requested for more allocation of funds for the modernisation of police. However, at present, most of the State Governments have substantial unspent balances out of funds released during earlier years. There are capacity constraints at the end of some State Police Directorates in utilizing funds.

For the States which utilize their funds timely, the scheme has unique mechanism to provide more funds based on their efficiency in timely utilization of funds, in the form of ‘better performance incentives’ which are released out of pooled amount of the funds unreleased due to non-furnishing of Utilization Certificates by other States and ‘incentives for police reforms’ in selected reform areas for which up to 20% of allocated funds are kept aside.

This was stated by the Minister of State for Home Affairs, Shri Nityanand Rai in a written reply to question in the Lok Sabha today.