Cycle Journy from Manali to Leh: Kulkarni visited INS Chilka

Cycle Journy from Manali to Leh

Cycle Journy from Manali to Leh: Ms. Vedangi Kulkarni, a Guinness World Record holder of being the fastest woman to cycle from Manali to Leh, an outdoor enthusiast, and endurance athlete visited INS Chilka on 07 Jul 24.

She is all set to make history by cycling around the globe twice on cycle. During an interactive session, she shared her incredible journey, emphasizing the importance of discipline and courage that resonates with the Agniveers. Her stories of resilience and perseverance were met with admiration and enthusiasm from the audience.

Cmde NP Pradeep, Commanding Officer INS Chilka flagged off Vedangi’s cycling journey on 08 Jul 24. This momentous event marks the beginning of the epic adventure that will see her cycling through 19 countries. Commencing her journey from INS Chilka, she will be completing this feat at picturesque Chilka Lake in Nov 24. An inspiring story for all to push their boundaries and pursue their dreams.