Delhi University Convocation:President Addresses

Delhi University Convocation:The President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu addressed the 99th annual convocation of the University of Delhi today in Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that it can be said that Delhi University reflects India in all its richness and diversity. It can also be said that there is a bit of Delhi University in every area of excellence in India and abroad.

However no institution can rest on its laurels. In today’s world of rapid changes, an institution has to continuously reinvent itself. The Delhi University community should feel duty-bound to lead other Universities in the country on parameters of excellence, and thereby, earn a place among globally comparable institutions of higher learning.

The President said that we should respect and welcome all languages ​​and cultures, but always stay connected to our roots. Rejuvenation and creativity come from the roots. She urged youth to follow Gandhiji’s advice of getting the excellent knowledge available in the world, while staying connected to the Indian soil.

Addressing the students, the President said that she was the first girl from her village to go to town for study. Among their classmates too, there may be many such students from whose family or village no one would have been able to get university level education before them. Such students are very talented and hardworking.

They come to the University with great enthusiasm to fulfill their dreams. Sometimes they become victims of ‘inferiority complex’. This should not happen in any sensitive society. It is the responsibility of teachers and other students to encourage such first-generation university students.

The President said that we should pay attention to some basic issues such as need for clean toilets for girl students, world-class laboratories, real quality education and needs of persons with disabilities.

The President said that due to the consumerist concept of development and civilization, the challenges of pollution, climate change and lifestyle diseases are taking a more formidable form. Our past generations have done many good things but they also made some mistakes. She urged the young generation to carry forward the good things and do away with the mistakes.

The President said that the main aim of education is to make a better human being. It is good to get big in life but it is better to be a good human. Discovering life on Mars is a good thing, but searching for well-being in life with good thinking is even more important. She urged the students to dream a new and dream big to build a new India and a new world.