Forgotten Goddesses: A book released by INTACH

Forgotten Goddesses

Forgotten Goddesses: The book “Forgotten Goddesses” written by Dr. Adyasha Das was released at the Mahabodhi Society of India by the Convener of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, Amiya Bhushan Tripathy (IPS) Retd. today.

The book is a fascinating account of the ancient tradition of Goddess worship in India and the world over. There are vivid portraits of lost Goddesses and reflections of their evolution and worship. The book highlights Goddess worship around the world, it is a compilation of ancient Goddesses and their interesting tales. The goddesses listed in the book are protectors, benevolent, cursed, creators of miracles, and have the power of Tantric healing.

The book has been published by Black Eagle Books (USA). Adyasha Das is an Amazon Bestseller author and has earlier written eight books. Her two earlier books “The Chausathi Yoginis of Hirapur” and :The Yoginis of Ranipur Jharial” were very well received and have become bestsellers.

Speaking on the occasion, Anil Dhir, the Co-convener of Intach said that one of the most captivating aspects of the Goddess concept is its universality. Worship of Mother Goddess has played a pivotal role in shaping the spiritual and cultural landscape across cultures and continents. In the book, the author has highlighted the stories and wisdom of the timeless divine feminine beings who have been overshadowed by more prominent deities. “Dr.Das is the Co-convenor of the Intach’s Bhubaneswar chapter and we have great pleasure in releasing this book on a relatively unexplored field.”, said Anil Dhir.

Sanjib Hota, advisor of Intach said that in India the divine feminine is just not a belief but a living reality. Goddess worship is deeply ingrained in the fabric of society and millions of devotees seek solace and strength from them. From the fierce Durga who battled the forces of evil to the gentle Parvati who embodies love and devotion, the pantheon of Hindu Goddesses is vast and enchanting.