Lok Sabha Election: ECI holds virtual meeting for Phase 2 polls

Lok Sabha Election

Lok Sabha Election: The Election Commission of India held a virtual meeting on Thursday with more than 250 observers appointed for the upcoming Phase 2 polling, scheduled on 26th April. This meeting, chaired by Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, emphasized the importance of ensuring a smooth, free, and fair electoral process across 88 parliamentary constituencies spanning 12 states and union territories.

One of the primary directives issued during the conference was to guarantee that all polling stations are equipped with essential amenities. This includes measures to combat the rising heat, as well as maintaining a conducive environment for the electoral process.

The ECI stressed the need for observers to maintain strict vigilance to prevent any inducements or irregularities close to the voting process during Phase 2. They were also instructed to ensure optimal utilization of forces, uphold law and order, and maintain a neutral stance, avoiding any favoritism towards political parties or candidates.