Mandate Document of National Curriculum Framework launched in Bengaluru

New Delhi: Union Minister for Education, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan released a mandate document for the National Curriculum Framework under the National Education Policy in Bengaluru today. The mandate document is the steping stone between National Educational Policy and National Curriculum Framework.

The Education Minister described the mandate document as a step forward towards formation of new National syllabus and textbooks. He informed that the curriculum for the first stage of National Curriculum Framework related to play school will be ready by the next Sarswati Pooja date.

Describing National Education Policy as Philosophy and National Curriculum Framework, the Minister said, it is a password to future that will change the destiny of this country.

The Minister further said, National Education Policy is a unanimous document prepared after wide consultations. He informed that a suggestion has been given by him to prepare a mobile app to enable citizen to upload their sugestions on National Curriculum Framework.

Mr Pradhan said, National Education Policy is a document for future generations that will decolonise education in the country. He also pointed out that it is a scientific document for all developing and third world countries to follow to reap demographic dividend.