Positive spirit imperative to fight Corona ,PM in Maan Ki Baat

New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that in this period of Corona crisis, everyone is getting aware of the importance of vaccine. He appealed people not to get swayed by any rumour about the vaccine. Sharing his thoughts in Mann Ki Baat programme on All India Radio today, Mr Modi said, people above 45 years of age can benefit from the free vaccine that has been sent by Centre to all state governments.

He said, from 1st May onwards, the vaccine is going to be made available for every person above 18 years in the country. Mr Modi said, now the Corporate Sector, companies too will be able to participate in the programme of administering vaccine to their employees.

He said, Centre’s free vaccine programme which is going on will also continue further. The Prime Minister appealed the states to extend the benefit of the free vaccine campaign of Government of India to maximum number of the people of their state. He urged people to take vaccine, take precautions and stay safe. The Prime Minister said that we should not forget the mantra of Dawai Bhi Kadai Bhi. He expressed hope that people will come out of this crisis soon. He said, Government of India is also fully engaged in taking forward the efforts of the State Governments. Mr Modi said, State governments are also trying their best to fulfill their responsibilities.

He said in order to tide over this crisis, he had long deliberations with experts from different sectors. Mr Modi said, people from Pharma industry, vaccine manufacturers, those connected with oxygen production, experts from the medical field have put forth their valuable suggestions to the Government. The Prime Minister said, this time, for emerging victorious in this battle against COVID-19, we have to accord priority to expert and scientific advice.

In this edition of Mann Ki Baat which focused on the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr Modi interacted with Corona Warriors. He interacted with Dr Shashank Joshi from Mumbai, who said that there is nothing to fear and we will overcome this wave of Covid-19. The doctor said, if people abide by information provided by the government, they will not face difficulties. Dr Joshi said, Remdesivir has a limited role and it should be taken only when people are put on oxygen in a hospital and strictly as per the Doctor’s advice.

Modi said, positive spirit is imperative to fight Corona and the countrymen have to maintain it. he Prime Minister spoke to Ambulance Driver Prem Verma who said, people should take the vaccine doses as it is good for them and also for their family. Mr Modi said, Ambulance Drivers are serving the people by putting their own lives at stake. He said, Ambulance Drivers have also contributed a lot to all the lives that have been saved in this fight against Corona. The Prime Minister commended Ambulance Drivers across the country.

Modi said, it is true that many people are getting infected with Corona, however, the number of people recovering from Corona is equally high. He spoke to Preeti Chaturvedi of Gurugram who recently defeated Corona. Ms Chaturvedi said, after getting symptoms she got herself tested. After she was tested positive, she quarantined herself, consulted doctors and started the prescribed medication. Her family was saved due to quick action on her part. Ms Chaturvedi said, she started yoga, breathing exercise, took protein rich diet and stayed mentally strong. After testing negative, she is still taking decoction and to boost her immunity eating good and healthy food.

He said, many young people have also come forward in the cities, working together with the local residents, in order to prevent the rise of Corona cases in their area. Mr Modi said, on the one hand, the country is working day and night for hospitals, ventilators and medicines and on the other hand, the countrymen are also fighting the challenge of Corona. He said, this resolve gives us strength and confidence. He added that whatever efforts are being made are of great service to the society and they strengthen the power of society. The Prime Minister said, today’s Mann Ki Baat focused on the corona pandemic, as the biggest priority is to defeat the disease.

Modi greeted people on Bhagwan Mahavir Jayanti which is being celebrated today. He said, the messages of Bhagwan Mahavir inspire people towards perseverance and self-restraint. He said, the holy month of Ramzan is also going on and Buddha Purnima, 400th Prakash Parv of Guru Tegh Bahadur and Tagore Jayanti will be celebrated next month. Mr Modi said, they all inspire us to perform our duties. He said, as a citizen, the more we perform our duties with efficiency in our lives, the faster we will move on the path of the future, free from crisis.