A shaky Trump suspects Russian interference in US elections, which Russia denies

A shaky Trump suspects Russian interference in US elections, which Russia denies

Samikhsya Bureau

Is that going to be a repeat of history in the American electoral politics. US President Donald Trump has reportedly smelt some designs brewing in in Russia and Trump has sounded a warning for Russia to desist from any meddling in US elections. And that was the similar notion which had been in the American air that, Russia had tried influence the election in US.

The White House said US President Donald Trump has warned Russia not to meddle in US elections, a claim that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denied. The two men gave divergent accounts of what was discussed during the Tuesday’s meet, The New York Times reported. In a statement regarding the leaders’ meet, the White House said, “President Trump warned against any Russian attempts to interfere in United States elections.”

Lavrov, addressing a joint press conference with his US counterpart Mike Pompeo, said, ‘We have highlighted once again that all speculations about our alleged interference in domestic processes in the United States are baseless; there are no facts that would support that.”

Pompeo said that a broader arms control dialogue should be conducted, which put the New START’s fate at risk.

The New START treaty, signed in 2010 between the United States and Russia, requires both countries to cut nuke warhead numbers down to 1,550 by February 5, 2018, and reduce the number of delivery vehicles, including missiles and bombers, to 700-800 for each side, Xinhua reported.

The treaty is set to expire in February 2021. Russian President Vladimir Putin said last week that Russia is ready to extend the treaty by the end of this year with no preconditions.