Bhubaneswar traffic police must summon sensibility to save more Nils from mayhem on roads

Samikhsya Bureau

Five year old Nil Nitesh’s death inside the Ambulance exposes  Bhubaneswar police’s reckless concern at the civic pains from premature deaths. Not even a hair wilts even after the death of the boy.

Seeing what all transpires on the roads of the capital, when Ambulances try to wrestle through the traffic jam, the cops on the field demonstrate a matching languor, let alone help the ambulance with a battling life getting through .

And time has failed them to learn even. Neither the traffic system is proactive nor even reactive. But, it is inactive for sure else ones like Nil Nitesh would not have fallen prey to the traffic anarchy on the roads of Bhubaneswar.

Some time back it was heard that, the city police was planning to create a special route for the ambulances carrying patients.

Which never saw the light of the day till date. Rather what has happened, that the ambulances on the roads could be seen unsuccessfully raising the sirens a notch higher with no cop in sight to create a passage.

Neither anyone in that milieu can be seen volunteering to let  an ambulance pass. The tops are at the headquarters and the ones on the ground are always seen preying on bikers without helmets, as if, helmet checking is the only cardinal’s cassock that can prevent mishaps.

Statistics on such deaths due to neglect makes an interesting write-up but, as regards the traffic regulations on the ground, the department personnel have failed to focus beyond the three signal lights and the bikers’ helmets!