Come December 16, let there no candles for Nirbhayas or Dishas please, but gallows for the accused

Nirbhaya's killers fate to be decided on Dec 18: Court

Samikhsya Bureau

One doesn’t know if such commemorations or anniversaries are worth the tears Nurbhaya’s mother has lost to desperations long back. But, it is approaching when the country may recall the anniversary when   ‘Nirbhaya’ was gang raped and nearly killed on December 16 in 2012.

The incident had shocked the nation . But what has changed since then is difficult to recollect but, for a nation with a mighty 1.35 billion population, conscience has relegated itself to further low.

The nerve shattering incident in Hyderabad once again reminded about the new lows criminals can go down to. Which was soon followed by equally horrifying incident in Unnao.

The pace and the beastly elements with which such crimes were perpetuated, sadly, it requires someone to keep a count of such happenings.

Scarring details of incidents

What kind of record is that, in a country that prides of being the largest democracy sewn with the fabrics of virtue and brotherhood, things have gone terribly wrong.

Disha fought the battle bravely but had to give up and Nirbhaya, remained timeless in nation’s memory when she breathed her last on December 29 reminding the nation that, it had lot to do. But the nation has failed all of them.

Post Nirbhaya, in a knee jerk the system got up, effecting stronger legislations, doubling the measures of punishments but all that has gone to a history and a new one has upped its necks in Hyderabad or Unnao.

Out of 20 years stipulated for Nirbhaya killers, seven years have go by. Four  accused are fed on public exchequer and the most dreaded one lounges in juvenile enclosures.

Change the pace of laws if ‘Beti bachao’ is no mere slogan

What remains to be the most puzzling coinage in recent times is, ‘fast track courts’ and speedy justice coupled with exemplary punishments. Years of silence was broken by many such barbaric incidents including the most recent ones.

There were fierce debates over what happened in Hyderabad encounter and the nation stood divided on that.

Indians can no longer allow the daughters to fall into the flames of bestial lust of a few people including the ones who claim themselves as servants of the people. The likes of Kuldip Sengar have no place under the sun but they do live and may continue to live better in future.

Daughters are no mere sandwich wrappers

The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind has, reportedly, said that, court exercises are getting costlier. Which has obviously raised concerns over the fate of the people at the bottom strata who get victimised by such brutal acts but hardly get justice.

There is an urgency of a legislation to cut down the procedural bottle-necks in the enforcement of the law in such rare cases and the government at the centre and in the states as well has a role to play.

It is not about the horrors of such crimes, but the helplessness  that the nation has to quietly witness day in and day out.  That is more perplexing.

The pace of law requires to be scarring also otherwise our Nirbhayas and Dishas may reduce to lifeless sandwich wrappers on the streets getting blown by the wind of emotions alone .