Court fears 1984 repeat ! politicians care a hoot for human lives

Samikhsya Bureau

Delhi is burning and the unstoppable inferno of violence has already claimed 22 lives, till the report was prepared.

Who is going to bale the cat and who is responsible for bringing the situation to this pass ? There has to be a reasoning and why there were no efforts from either the law and order machinery to arrest the unrest that today has turned to a kind of communal conflagration.

HC steps in

A deeply concerned Delhi high court has expressed its fear about a 1984 like situation to strangle the national capital if things are not stopped now even. Can there be anything more shameful than this that, the court had to inject wisdom into the people in power to get up from their slumber of complacency !

The Delhi police, which has miserably failed in waking up to the gravity of the situation, is now up the wall post the court’s reprimand over its failures.

From a protest against CAA to a mayhem of sorts which has burnt the bridge between communities who were always ready to die for each other.

In the face of such a cataclysmic scenario, people from politics are not able to rise above their greed for politicking.

The Congress president Sonia Gandhi chose such an hour to make a political discourse calling for the resignation of the Union home minister, instead reaching out to the ones who live on the festers of an unrest still.

Even the appeal from the Prime Minister Modi, came a bit late where he has appealed for calm, peace and normalcy.

Much before disciplining the people on the streets, fighting, the judiciary should impose a blanket ban on the politicians to refrain from making inflammatory statements.

So many lives lost and hundreds others battling with death, what was more important, the lives or the silent acquiescence of the government to let things happen but not shelving the CAA for some time.

But, that is unlikely to happen in the given situation as the dispensation seems not in a mood to swallow its pride.