Dishas & Nirbhayas need attention first, let NCRs or CABs wait

Samikhsya Bureau

Now the furore over rapes and murder has reached an inflection point and it is time the political authorities must stop parroting the rants  like ‘fast track court’ trial and stringent punishment etc. It was also said seven years back and it is still in circulation, becoming an absurd mockery of the sentiments of victims.

After what has happened in Unnao when the rape victim died, for the third time virtually,  after battling with death, is something that the governments, police and human rights activists cannot ignore.

Her first death came when she was raped, she died again when the accused was granted the bail. And today she finally died saying “Save me, I don’t want to die” .

That brings in to focus a debate, whether instant reactions like the one that happened in Hyderabad, are illegal and concocted or to allow the things to the course of law.

Delhi-Hyderabad-Unnao ignominy 

The sudden spurt of emotions among the people in Hyderabad and elsewhere when they rejoiced over the deaths of the four accused can be comprehended to an extent that, it was a reflection of an accumulated frustration.

But, the action of Cyberabad police has come under the lens of law for reasons, that now the entire country is aware of. Was it an intentional act or a reaction in self-defence. Which now remains sub-judice. The matter has gone to the court. So, the crossfires of opinion over that should be left to the apex court.

But the bigger question remains unanswered.

The ministry of home affairs now must take a leave from the engagements with other issues like NRC and CAB, Hindu & Muslim, and got to engage in finding out the deterrents to halt abuse of a girl or woman every 20 minutes in the country.

Fear of law is the only way the society can keep the perpetrators under a check. Else, ‘Nirbhayas’ and ‘Dishas’ have to undergo such animalistic  horrors.

Cantankerous debates in televisions can only aggravate the situation further. But that cannot elicit any solution.