Does Kejriwal’s politics make way for an explosive transition in Indian politics?

Samikhsya Bureau

Arvind Kejriwal’s dream to see a new kind of politics rising from the Indian political horizon, may be still nebulous in nature, has thrown open a challenge for others in politics.

He is dong politics of ‘persuasion, sensibility and hard-work’ was the kind of opinion some analysts were heard making after his swearing-in. But some would have us believe that, Kejriwal made politics of lure by announcing many facilities free which, according to some, may lead to a kind of exploitative situation.

His speech had a touching outreach when he mentioned several stake-holders without whom Delhi wouldn’t have moved at the pace it did.

Is Indian politics in the middle of an explosive transition if, education, health and transport are made free.

For a day or two the television debates are going to be interesting, with spokesmen of different political parties fulminating about the inconsistencies what Kejriwal is professing and the underlying realities the Delhites live with.

But, he has done it, elevating his stature into an unprecedented level against the Modi-Shah blitzkrieg and pledged to carry on his ‘politics with a difference’ discourse.

By staying away from Shaheen Bagh conundrum Kejriwal made it clear that, he has nothing against the nationalism or Hindutva but, by his distancing he said, that, he was not ready to do politics with neither of the agendas.

So he chose the alternative route of delivery that his rivals failed to acknowledge as the only thing  which is of paramount concerns for the people.

However, in liberal democracies like ours, some amount of dissimulation and pretense claim a space and it would not be wrong to say that, Kejriwal has kept himself completely detached from those ingredients.