Fitness guide for 2020 and tide of resolutions

New Delhi, Dec 28   New Years usually brings about a tide of resolution-making – and despite the reluctance that might surround it, fitness still reigns king as the top resolution for most of the people. It’s a fresh start, a clean slate, a time to promise yourself to be the best version of you.

But a grand goal of losing dozens of kilos or going from zero weekly gym visits to seven can feel daunting, which leads many people to give up by February. So how can one stick to the resolution? spoke to Reebok master trainer Gagan Arora to share some tips and tricks to tackle such a situation.

**Commit to 15 minutes a day

Commit to taking up an activity of your choice every day for fifteen minutes. Be it running, swimming, walking or any other physical activity that involves body movement.

**Make a new friend

The lack of motivation comes from doing something alone. Make a new friend who shares the same
thoughts, it can motivate you to exercise every day with your fitness �buddy.’

**Make a �care plan’

It’s difficult for everybody to stay committed to one thing for a long time and exercising is something which takes time to showcase results. To tackle such a situation, you should make a �care plan’ which defines how you should be taking care of yourself for the rest of the year. This plan will not only help you to take care of yourself better but will also motivate you to start exercising as you will start feeling good about your body.

**Celebrate what your body can do

In order to feel good about yourself, the most important thing to do is change your mindset. The most important thing is to feel good about your body and start enjoying any exercise that you do. Get the right gear to keep you trendy and motivated

As important as it is to stay fit, it is also important to buy the right equipment to get the maximum benefit while exercising. While shopping, do ask the sales representative to assist you with the right products for the right kind of activity. Plus, with athleisure being the talk of town make your gear your trendy picks this season!