Gallantry medal winner volunteers to hang Nirbhaya killers

Gallantry medal winner volunteers to hang Nirbhaya killers

Chennai, Dec 10: Forty-two year old Tamil police Head Constable S. Subash Srinivasan, a police gallantry medal winner and grandson of INA veteran, has volunteered to hang the killers of Nirbhaya in Tihar Jail.

“I read a news report stating that no hangman was available to hang the killers of Nirbhaya. They had committed an unforgivable crime and their punishment should not be delayed on this account,” Srinivasan told IANS.

He is working in the police department’s In-Service Training Centre in Ramanathapuram district. His grandfather used to serve in Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army (INA).

Srinivasan has already written a letter to the Tihar Jail authorities on December 6 and waiting for a reply.

“I had also given my phone number. I am yet to get a call,” Srinivasan a MA degree holder and who had joined the police service in 1997 said. “Their offence is unforgivable,” he said.

He has taken a vow to tonsure his head and offer the hair to his family deity, in case his wish to hang the Nirbhaya killers is fulfilled.

Srinivasan has also performed the last rites for unclaimed bodies in a government hospital. He used to pluck out bill boards and nails hit on trees in Ramanathapuram district.

Srinivasan has removed about 100 kg of nails from about 5,000 trees till date.

“Business establishments now know that I will pluck out their bill boards and nails. So, in Ramanathapuram district the menace has come down drastically,” he said.

He just doesn’t go about his jobs mechanically and that is clear by the way he applies a mixture of turmeric, neem and ginger oil at the spot wherefrom he had removed the nails as a medicine to cure the tree wounds.

His wife supports his volunteering to be the hangman. Srinivsan won the gallantry medal in 2013. He recalled how a small girl had fallen into a well and to save that child her aunt also jumped into the well.

“I was having my lunch when I heard the commotion near my home. On learning about the child and her aunt struggling for life inside the well, I jumped in straight and managed to save both,” Srinivasan said.