Hogging headlines for a wrong reason, the devil claims a space in thoughts

Why loss of smell, taste is godsend for many Covid patients

The time has changed and so also the style of journalism which undergoes a  transformation.  Hogging headlines for wrong reasons dates back to many the years or decades but, the present lot of headline-makers are a separate lot.

Be it politicians or  celebs from the tinsel world they are usually the front runners.

Say something out of the box and there you are making news anchors the tempestuous lot to show a plethora of experts pouring wisdom.

Now it is the turn of another most undeserving thing called Coronavirus which has been hogging the headlines not only in the media as a whole but, it has earned the repute to become a header in official communications and even being seen crowing the lockdown passes for people and the press.

Not only in Odisha but the trend has induced a change in information mechanism world over.

Less said the better to what extent this headline hogger plays a phantom role in the social media. From tips on cure to prevention and the cataclysmic aftermath in the waiting, it has all that erudition even the WHO may not have.

Now it (COVID) has already claimed a space in our psyche as headline or headache. Which sometimes appears equally damaging as the virus itself.