If ‘Slokas’ can stop rapes, then ‘Babas’ would not have been so savage in the name of God

Samikhsya Bureau

Sanskrit ‘Slokas’ can play a role in arresting the pace and frequency of incidents of rape in the country, this sounds bit too idealistic.

In fact, the above observation was, reportedly, made by none other than the governor of Maharashtra, Bhagat Singh Khosyari, at a function on Thursday.

Nobody contradicts the intent the governor espouse, as ‘slokas’  definitely play a good role in internal purification of mind. That is about how one imbibes the teachings and equally important is,  as how far they are inculcated into the life we live.

It can well be argued that, mere recital of slokas are not going to lead us anywhere unless one fears from his inner self that today suffers from a water-tight compartmentalisation between moral decline and moral.

How ‘Slokas’ fail the Babas then !

A very thin film that divides evil and virtue can be broken anytime. One doesn’t know if slokas do play a deterrent role in the inner composure of a man .

Going by the myriad incidents when majority of ‘babas’, sadhus or Swamys, the ones who pose as the practitioners of ‘slokas’ and makes their recitals at every occasion to create aura of mysticism, have been found involved in cases of sexual exploitation of women who come to them for blessings and solace.

Recent history is replete with incidents of sexual exploitation of women and young ladies by the ‘babas’. And, some of such incidents came out to be not consensual at all, thus , amounting to outrage or rape within the confines of the hives the babas call as ‘ashrams’ .

There is hardly any need to mention the names of such Babas or Godmen which are history already. For such self-styled holy men, who feign virtuosity have turned their domains into places of fun, frolic and sadness.

They deftly juggle the devotees or followers by creating plots through a very imperceptible deceits and spoil lives.

Now, it is only a stringent and quick punishment that can scare these criminals, be it anywhere, either in the open or within the holy confines where lust bats on ones face.