Lady journo in Bhubaneswar manhandled and harassed for being intrepid

Samikhsya Bureau

Is there really an atmosphere of fear looming on the fourth pillar in India? Although no one from the governments’ side would endorse a situation when media is being gagged or impeded  but instances of muzzling the voices of people from the media got reflected many times .

Let’s take a look at a small yet an instance of serious nature, which took place near an Esplanade in Bhubaneswar, the state capital of Odisha.

It was not unusual when a reporter chose to reveal some unlawful realities those relates to the citizens’ interest. The reporter of a web channel in Odisha along with her technical crew made an attempt to expose the nexus operating an unlawful parking racket at a commercial location in the city.

Price paid for being intrepid

Swati Jena, the reporter of Argus, a web channel, was doing a report on the unauthorised parking charges when she was dealt with a shock.

As reports say, she and her colleague were roughed up by the parking gang , detained inside a room and were allegedly subjected to mental harassment.

It all happened in public gaze, and brazenly so, with all slanders being mouthed by the parking gang at a lady reporter .

Where was the police ? which always maintains a pretense to diligence to protect itself against criticism.Was the local police not aware that, parking fees have been exempted by the State and yet a gang, obviously backed by the cops, was charging people and people were also paying.

What in fact, makes it so hard for the system, if a journalist tries to tell the truth ! Media maintains an attachment with objectivity and even handedness.

But, the system or the police, looks at it through a different prism, which is mutually beneficial !