Let’s go back, eat Mediterranean, love nature and keep the heart beating

It has been very late in the day. Everything is changing. The climate has reached a state from where it’s reversal gets hard to harder. Health scenario all over summons an urgent look and the killer virus Coronavirus that has engulfed China, and many other parts, may tomorrow usher in something else more deadly.

Manifestations are so scary to be ignored. A time has come when human must not dare of preying on the nature, don’t ever dare to keep animals in cages because, it is other way round that, a time has come when human is being caged in quarantines.

China has been numbed by the shock and realisation should dawn upon all that, nature is invincible and no brute power can play with the nature.

No science can bring back the nature. It can only restore itself but at a cost that may be so costly for the humanity. But, by the time, nature restores itself, there would be lesser the living beings to live.

No money can bring back the health that is getting affected day by day due to a pathetic detachment from the intimacy  with the nature. Plant based diet is getting rare and rare leading to ailments that creates a cycle of irreversible delirium .

If money had the power, man like the billionaire Steve Gourves would not have died at 56 from pancreatic cancer leaving behind a fortune of $7 billion.

There has been many wake-up calls in the past and now in China the things are louder.

A mouth that is accustomed to animal protein more and more, now it is mouthing virus, a heart that was once content with Mediterranean intake, got crazy for junk stuff, are now trying to look at the plants again.

If lakhs of vehicles on the streets of the cities are yardsticks of development, soon there will be a time when people may be under pressure to resign back to homes fearing the toxics that has started to impair our immunity.

These are not just nightmarish projections but, the ills those are vividly discernible must teach the human to recreate the symbiosis with the nature that has been so abused that, to reconstruct the burnt bridge between man and nature is getting all the more difficult.

There is bad prognosis everywhere. Knowledge has been confined to the computer screens and boys and girls, even adults, have given up reading books and now some of them are going back to the bookshelves.

So worked up are the parents that, they hardly communicate with their children thus, leaving a huge void in between.