Next PM! Will NDA 3, if at all, see Amit Shah to replace Narendra Modi

Samikhsya Bureau

While watching the sequence of events in India, right from 2014 to 2019, there have been two faces in the political horizon, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. And, on the face of it, what has remained common in both, is the ability at rabble rousing and being able to assuage a mass to rally behind the slogans.

Then slogans translating themselves into realities regardless of the rants echoing from the other side of the fence.

But, post the NDA 1, it has been Amit Shah, the union home minister and BJP national president, who has been more noticeable in the forefront to have masterminded many steps aimed at correcting few ‘ historical blunders’.

Be it abrogation of the Article 370 in J & K or equally contentious issues like Triple Talaaq, Shah has somehow got catapulted and also could manage to reign on the circumstances in whatever way it was deemed fit. What came in handy for the ‘Chanakya’ of the BJP was the brute majority in the Lok Sabha.

Even from the days of demonetization, barring few exceptions, Shah was always seen an ex-officio role as the most powerful entity often out-edging  Narendra Modi.

He piloted the Citizens (Ammendment)Bill now CAA, with a ruthless ease regardless of the smouldering angst in Assam after the NRC experimentation. Which required guts and Shah has, somehow, dared to take the bull by the horns.

According to Shah the CAB must be seen as a panacea which has at least brought to the fore the predicament of all non-Muslim people those who fled some persecution in the past.

Reading into the signals that Shah has confidently emitted in the parliament and outside, NRC would not be far from being a reality all over the country.

Emerging Man-Friday of the Sangh

Recently, a delegation from Northeast met Shah urging the latter to effect some changes and the outcome of the talk shows that, the route to normalcy is not far although the CAB has not seriously addressed many issues related.

One doesn’t know if Shah has few more surprises up his sleeve for the country after the assembly polls in Delhi and West Bengal. But , say party insiders , he has started working out on that.

One thing that remains marked enough that, after 2019 polls Shah has emerged much more upfront than Narendra Modi. Even in the days to come, political analysts foresee, a more empowered Shah to preside over important decisions.

What is noteworthy that, it was Amit Shah’s self-confidence that he can, and on that mode, now he readies to steer through further political undulations ahead. Which becomes more easy in the absence of an united and robust opposition that the country cannot expect to have in the near future.

Shah exudes confidence and doggedness

Analysts not only foresee a man in the making it to the top in Amit Shah but, there are significant symptoms of a gradual diminish in the Modi charisma slowly.

The bigger question is, if the NDA cruise through in the 2024 elections , who the people would look upto, Modi or Shah as their next leader.

Sensing the mood of the NDA and the people who hold the remote, Shah has already covered a distance that Modi may find hard to bridge after another five years.