Nirbhaya killers’ may even rejoice the lights of 2020 before going to gallows!

Order reserved in Nirbhaya death-row convict's father's plea

Samikhsya Bureau

With the CJI of the  Supreme Court of India recusing himself from the hearing of the review petition by the Nirbhaya killer and on Wednesday,  the apex court constituting a bench to hear the review petition, things are more or less clear that the Nirbhaya killers cannot be at the gallows before seeing the dawn of 2020.

If that comes out to be the reality then it is not difficult to fathom the pain of all the Nirbhayas in the country and more so, of the bereaved mother of Nirbhaya, waiting for last seven years for justice.

Meanwhile, a day doesn’t pass when another rape victim surface from somewhere. Headlines in any news bulletin are never bereft of a text on a rape taking place in India. The malady is getting endemic like an anthropogenic emission on the society getting a dystopian dimension.

Penddency Vs justice

There was a respite when BJP lawmaker, Kuldip Sengar, accused in Unnao rape, was convicted. But, even before the court pronounce the verdict on the punishment, whether death or otherwise, voices are heard in favour of life imprisonment from certain quarters. Whereas, the court is likely to pronounce the verdict on the punishment on Wednesday. Can that be an exercise at influencing public opinion?

It is not far to locate   where such voices are being heard from. Nor there is any voice to condone the verdict of the court from any quarters within the BJP itself.

In this din many other voices of victims are getting lost and on Tuesday last six persons were booked by the police for raping a class tenth student in Mau district of Yogi’s Uttar Pradesh. Which may only join the league of such cases and hog headlines and that’s it.

Everything is in a kind of pendency except the pace of the brutal acts of rapes and murders, and sadly, behind each case of such incidents, somewhere and somehow, the name of a politician always remains common.

Look at the case of an incident dating back to 2007, when a girl’s (Ayesha Meera) body , then 19, was being exhumed at the graveyard, by the CBI two days back to re-probe into the case which had suffered miscarriage of justice. In which a man was convicted and jailed who had nothing to do with the rape or murder.

As reports come out, the real culprit was a relative of a then minister in Uttar Pradesh and his friends.